Additional language support added to Checkmaxx

New Currencies added to our Reminders platform

As European companies continue to expand beyond their own borders, the ability to ‘speak the same currency’ becomes more important.

We’ve recently added new currencies to our Reminders platform. Your customers can now use the Czech Crown and US Dollar in their forecasts, reports, quotes and other currency fields.

The US Dollar can be used in the following countries:

  • United States of America
  • Puerto Rico
  • Ecuador
  • Republic of El Salvador
  • Zimbabwe
  • Guam
  • U.S. Virgin Islands
  • Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste
  • American Samoa
  • Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
  • Federated States of Micronesia
  • Palau
  • Marshall Islands

If you want to offer these new currencies to your customers, you can contact us, and we will set it up for you.

Additionally, if any other currency is requested from your customers, we can add it! Contact us, and we will make their reminders as international as their organization.