Additional language support added to Checkmaxx

Multilingual support for variables in voice messages

Collectmaxx customers can now send out rich voice messages, including custom variables, in multiple languages. The feature is now a standard option within our payment reminders suite and is available to all customers. 

Multilingual voice scripts

With multilingual voice scripts, your customers can send out payment reminders via voice messages, in different languages, while also including the personal or financial details related to the payment. 

Specific details such as the name of the person, the amount owed and the case number are now natively read aloud in the preferred language of the recipient. This increases the debtor’s understanding of the situation and leads to better conversion rates.

Supported languages

At present time, supported languages are English, Dutch, Flemish, Walloon, French, German, Swiss German and Austrian German. Of course, based on the needs and preferences of your customers, additional languages can be added.

For more information, contact Quinn Ponidjo. As the Collectmaxx Product Owner at Alphacomm, she is looking forward to helping you with any questions you might have.