Alphacomm makes list of top 250 scaleup companies

ROTTERDAM, 15 June 2021 – Alphacomm has been named one of the top 250 scaleups in the Netherlands. The top 250 highlights the benefits of digitalization as a means to secure profit and growth, even in times of crises.


On June 1st 2021, the fifth edition of Top 250 Scaleups was presented. The coveted list is an initiative of Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and nlgroeit. Nlgroeit, an initiative of the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate among others, is a multi-year programme that aims to increase the growth capacity of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Scaleups as resilient engines of growth

The Top 250 Scaleups list underscores that a significant number of fast-growing companies are located in sectors at the intersection of digitalization. Moreover, while vulnerable to crises, scaleups can also be the quickest to recover from recessions and act as an engine for economic recovery. 

Prof. Dr. Justin Jansen, Professor of Entrepreneurship and Academic Director of Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship: “These companies are progressive in developing new solutions and also able to manage the high-growth of their organization. They do this by continuously improving, accelerating and adapting the organization to future challenges.”

This edition shows that fast-growing companies are benefiting from accelerated changes in customer demand and relationships, especially in the field of digitalization, as innovative revenue models were already implemented before the corona pandemic. 

Number 1 fast-growing company in the Netherlands

In autumn, Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and nlgroeit will present the Top 10. During this occasion, the Number 1 fast-growing company in the Netherlands and winner of the Golden Grower Award will be announced. 


Alphacomm is a leading provider of profit-boosting solutions in Europe. With its 130R platform, Alphacomm has been maximizing earnings, increasing customer loyalty and eliminating payment fraud for over two decades. Alphacomm, headquartered in the Netherlands, also has offices in London (UK), Kleve (DE) and Sibiu (RO).


For more information regarding the content of this press release, please contact Anastasia Kotinopoulou, Marketer at Alphacomm.